Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Wear and Tear Parts

Timing Bearing NTN Japan_rm50

Alternator & compressor belts

GWD-40A water pump_rm95
same as Perodua Kelisa (Mira Coure) L7 water pump

Pennzoil Gear Lubricant

Spare parts List

1. Spark plug - (NGK BKUR7EK or DENSO K22TNR-S)_3 nos x rm20=rm60
2. Camshaft oil seal - (P2630)_rm8
3. Crankshaft oil seal - (P2631)_rm10
4. Exedy clutch kit_rm350
5. Timing belt - same as Viva 660 part no.13514-87215 (106Y25)_rm80
6. Alternator belt - (90048-31020 4PK715)_rm20 Perodua Kelisa (Mira Coure)
7. Compressor belt - (99331-50666)_rm9 Perodua Kelisa (Mira Coure)
8. Water pump _rm95 Perodua Kelisa (Mira Coure)
9. Toyota coolant_rm20
10. Castrol Magnatec 10w/30 (3L)_rm85
11. Daihatsu oil filter_rm10
12. Pennzoil gear lubricant_2xrm18=rm36
13. Brake fluid_2xrm20=rm40

The parts number and price are for reference only.


  1. Hi there
    Good rebuild

    Do you have most part numbers when you did a major service? Need help with the numbers.

  2. Hi Don Ma, all the parts number are on my list above. tq