Monday, July 4, 2011

First Major Service

Done a timing belt + water pump + gear oil changes at DSS, Kajang prima on 2/5/2010

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Conversion

Nothing to say really...the receipt tell it all...The engine transplant was done at Speed Mag Auto, Cheras's took about 2 weeks to complete the installation and the workmanship was very good...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Wear and Tear Parts

Timing Bearing NTN Japan_rm50

Alternator & compressor belts

GWD-40A water pump_rm95
same as Perodua Kelisa (Mira Coure) L7 water pump

Pennzoil Gear Lubricant

Spare parts List

1. Spark plug - (NGK BKUR7EK or DENSO K22TNR-S)_3 nos x rm20=rm60
2. Camshaft oil seal - (P2630)_rm8
3. Crankshaft oil seal - (P2631)_rm10
4. Exedy clutch kit_rm350
5. Timing belt - same as Viva 660 part no.13514-87215 (106Y25)_rm80
6. Alternator belt - (90048-31020 4PK715)_rm20 Perodua Kelisa (Mira Coure)
7. Compressor belt - (99331-50666)_rm9 Perodua Kelisa (Mira Coure)
8. Water pump _rm95 Perodua Kelisa (Mira Coure)
9. Toyota coolant_rm20
10. Castrol Magnatec 10w/30 (3L)_rm85
11. Daihatsu oil filter_rm10
12. Pennzoil gear lubricant_2xrm18=rm36
13. Brake fluid_2xrm20=rm40

The parts number and price are for reference only.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Half Cut

Love at first sight...i got attached to her look, never before see the half cut so perfect and the engine so clean and smooth without any oil leaking...the half cut + L5 classic body parts price is rm5300...mmm

so...we decided to bought the half cut without the body parts...huhuhu

The Customs import declaration form and the half cut purchase receipt amount rm3650 with installation after trade in my old L2 kaput engine...piston ring badly worn due to my stupid mistake...extra rm150 because I'm taking back my upgraded Turbo and stainless steel custom air intake piping and down pipe.

The Engine

Hello to all, the purpose i create this blog is for my own reference and to share my experience with all the EF-RL's owner out there. All the price for the parts given is for reference only, please check with your spare parts shop for the current price.

EF-RL aka L6 engine stock setup on kancil engine bay


Engine Model : 659cc EFI DOHC 12-valve 3 cyl Turbo
Maximum power : 64ps (47kW)/6800 rpm
Maximun torque : 10.7kgm (104.9Nm)/4000 rpm
Bore x Stroke : 68.0mm x 60.5mm
Compression Ratio : 8.5
Fuel Tank : 32liter
Transmission : 5 Manual Transmission
Gear Ratio : 1st gear 3.333
2nd gear 2.111
3rd gear 1.392
4th gear 0.971
5th gear 0.794
reverse 3.538
Final drive gear ratio 5.071

EF-RL Engine No. location