Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Engine

Hello to all, the purpose i create this blog is for my own reference and to share my experience with all the EF-RL's owner out there. All the price for the parts given is for reference only, please check with your spare parts shop for the current price.

EF-RL aka L6 engine stock setup on kancil engine bay


Engine Model : 659cc EFI DOHC 12-valve 3 cyl Turbo
Maximum power : 64ps (47kW)/6800 rpm
Maximun torque : 10.7kgm (104.9Nm)/4000 rpm
Bore x Stroke : 68.0mm x 60.5mm
Compression Ratio : 8.5
Fuel Tank : 32liter
Transmission : 5 Manual Transmission
Gear Ratio : 1st gear 3.333
2nd gear 2.111
3rd gear 1.392
4th gear 0.971
5th gear 0.794
reverse 3.538
Final drive gear ratio 5.071

EF-RL Engine No. location

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